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Pesëgram is a collective practice, a group of free human beings including architects, designers and other professionals in different disciplines, who share the same passion with a retreat for everything that is beautiful to the eye, quiet to the soul and right for the mind.
Pesëgram is a collaborative design platform based in Albania, Spain, whose practice investigates human habitat and explore future territories, creating architecture and design works in all scale projects, product design and installations, enhancing interactions and connections where the projects become not only future spaces but also new products and identities.
Pesëgram has also a focus on research and experimental investigation on different applications. Pesëgram expands its practice in different topics of architecture and design, visually shaping identities and spaces, curating exhibitions, consulting and advising. Creating a platform for professionals to connect through architecture, production and dialogue, forums and workshops and contribute to educational institutions. This platform strives to support and develop the latest design practice and bring the community much closer to contemporary design and art.
Our space tends to reflect the society in constant change and challenges, adapting rapidly to different necessities and innovations, giving importance to experiences based on concepts with a profound focus on research, exploring creative solutions and systems.
We cultivate creative ideas and turn them into real-world projects with field experts. We have our own space dictionary and want to enrich it in between societies. Past utopias are our ‘Rubik Cube’ creating new opportunities deriving from them.

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